The 135th anniversary of Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari, fondly known as Rajaji was commemorated on 10th December 2014 by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyalaya behind South Block of Central Secretariat, Rajaji Marg. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Shri. B.P. Singh, former Governor Sikkim. Shri Ashok Pradhan, Director Delhi Kendra, Dr. Sudhir Narayan, Director Bulmim, Shri. U.Kaushik, Manager Mehta Vidyalaya, Shri. Batra, Head Accountant, Mehta Vidyalaya, Principal Dr( Smt.) Anju Tandon and Vice Principal Smt. Vibha Kohli had assembled to pay homage to one of the most illustrious sons of India.

The programme commenced with a melodious rendition of the schools ‘Sarvadharma’ prayer by the music choir.

The Chief guest Shri. B.P. Singh and Shri. Ashok Pradhan were felicitated with bouquet of flowers.

The Principal Dr.(Smt.)Anju Tandon welcomed the Chief guest, Shri. B.P. Singh and other distinguished guests. She said that it was a great privilege for Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan to pay a rich tribute to one of the most illustrious sons of India.

Addressing the gathering Shri. Ashok Pradhan, Director Delhi Kendra said that it was a matter of great privilege for him to welcome Shri. B.P. Singh with whom he had an association of more than forty years and that it was a great pleasure to meet him again. Drawing attention to the school’s ‘Sarvadharma’ prayer, he said that the concept of unification of all faith is beautifully enshrined in it and that the Bhavan has been instilling the concept of taking forward the country as one entity in its students. Mentioning Rajaji’s birth anniversary as a great day to pay tribute to him, he stated that “Lives of great men remind us that we can make our lives sublime”.

The Chief guest Shri B.P Singh reminisced the first time when he had attended the function of Rajaji’s 100th birth anniversary thirty five years ago and he expressed his gratitude to Shri. Ashok Pradhan for inviting him to the function.

Sharing his experience of meeting Rajaji for the first time, he said that Chakravarthi was the family name that Rajaji had been born with and he truly went on to become a Chakravarthi i.e. Governor general.

He took the opportunity of such an auspicious occasion to pay tribute to the mothers of India of the period 1916s to 1918s who has produced some of the finest sons and daughters like Gopal Krishna Gokhale, M.K. Gandhi, Aurobindo Ghosh to name a few and Rajaji being one of them had influenced all areas of the social ferment that was taking place at that time.

He opined that if Rajaji had only translated the two books of Indian Civilization – The Ramayana and The Mahabharat it would have ensured his immortality. While encouraging the students to pursue higher studies he exhorted them to imbibe the essential ethos of India. Speaking about the book which he has authored and which is still to be published –‘Bahuda and Post 9/11 world’ ‘Shri. B.P. Singh shared the five values which the book contains – simple living, family ties, tolerance for others’ point of view, spiritual quest and respect for ecology.

He concluded his speech by saying that Rajaji’s birth anniversary was an occasion to not only protect our Indianness but also to add colour to it.

A brief life sketch of Rajaji’s multifaceted personality was presented by Sarthak Chaudhary and Bhavika Khare of class XI.

Shri. B.P. Singh alongwith the distinguished guests, Principal and Vice Principal garlanded Rajaji’s portrait and paid their heartfelt tribute, while students offered flower petals amidst the chorus of devotional songs.

The function came to a close with the vote of thanks proposed by the Vice Principal Smt. Vibha Kohli and the singing of the National Anthem.