Astronomy Day

The astronomy club (2012-2013) celebrated the astronomy day on 6th August 2013 with great enthusiasm . Students of classes 7th ,8th and 9th who are the members of the club put up an exhibition of all the activities that they have learned in the course module of the club.

The day started with lighting of lamp by the Principal Mrs Anju Tandon, Vice Principal Mrs Vibha Kohli Headmistress Mrs Sashi Bhargava and the Club Coordinators Mrs Preeti Gupta and Mrs Saumya Marwah. The inauguration of the event was done by the Principal by launching a hydro rocket.

The club members set up extremely informative and creative stalls for depicting activities like Comet making& Crater making. Experiments on various topics like calculating time and directions ,using telescope for safe solar observation etc were conducted and shown to the students of the school as well as the teachers.

Members of the club also demonstrated how to use the astronomy kit  and the software Sellarium to find out the objects in the night sky.Hydro rockets were launched one by one for each class that visited the exhibition.

The club also conducted an activity called solar system walk where students could understand the size and distance between various planets in the solar system.

For adding fun quotient to the event there was the Tattoo and Face painting station where different students and teachers got themselves tattooed with designs related to space and astronomy.

The school was decorated with posters made by students for poster making competition  on different topics of Astronomy like comets, black holes, moon, dwarf planet etc.  Movies related to astronomy were screened in the  Munshi Memorial hall and a quiz was conducted on the theme"Knowing About Space". The programme concluded with the prize distribution ceremony where certificate and prizes were given to the winners of poster making competition and the quiz.

Indeed the astronomy day celebration was a great experience for the students and the teachers as everyone could get hands on experience of space science in the school premises itself.

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