Skype Session with UK Students

With the aim of creating an International platform for our students where they get a chance to learn more about other countries, their culture and the Education System, our school has started organising Skype Sessions as a part of this Programme. The first Skype Session was held on 13th December, 2012. In the series,the second Skype Session was organised on 18th July, 2013 where the selected students of senior secondary classes interacted with the students of St. Ivo School, UK.

The Skype Session started with Presentations and Paper Reading in which students of St. Ivo School introduced our students to their school activities, Curriculum, Periods, Departments and Teachers. They also showed a well prepared and amazing dance performance to the students of our school. The students showed the goodwill mascots and the diaries to each other through Skype.

The students of our school had prepared themselves on different interesting topics. Raghav showed a family photo and spoke about his family. Manas Gupta gave a presentation on Mysore Palace informing them about its beauty and relevance. Manya introduced them to Major Land Forms. Vyustispoke on her Favourite book.Anushrav on Life at St. Ivo, Aditya Iyer on AVisit to India andSiddhant gave a presentation on Life at Delhi.Our students also presented a group song which was appreciated by the students of St. Ivo with a big round of applause.

It was an interactive session where students from both the groups asked each other questions related to School, Education System, Subjects, Library, Number of periods, Departments and Teachers. 

The students of St. Ivo School asked about the sports in India and received ample information from Cricket to Hockey.  They also shared their views about the places they know and would like to see in India. 

Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Anju Tandon, Vice- Principal Mrs. VibhaKohli and Head Mistress Mrs. ShashiBhargava encouraged the students with their presence during the Skype Session. 

It was a well conducted session, under the guidance of the Programme coordinator Mrs. AradhanaGambhir and Teachers Ms. Saumya Nair and Ms. Shweta Sharma, as the two schools exchanged not just performances, presentations and words but culture, values and education. They took a new step towards a world with no boundaries and a world full of peace, friendship and love for each other.

This Skype Conference is a record of a unique partnership between the culture and education of the two countries.