Social Awareness and Sensitivity Camp

April, 2014

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyalaya organized a two week long Social Awareness and Sensitivity Camp for the students of class XI from 7th April- 17th April 2014. This camp is organized every year to generate awareness regarding social issues among the students.

In her inaugural speech Dr. (Mrs.) Anju Tandon, Principal, greeted the students and said that their enthusiasm and spirit would make difference and propel them to move towards their goals. She called upon them to try to define the person within themselves, shape it up and bring a change in the society.

School Vice-Principal, Mrs. Vibha Kohli gave an introduction to SAS camp and highlighted the purpose of organizing such significant camps.

The first day started with a session on “Cultural Intelligence” by philosopher and software engineer, Mr. Puneet Bindlish. He praised the ancient Indian Culture for its most scientific, natural and spiritual basics. Later on, he took a session on “Cyber Safety”.

On the second day, students were taught Self Defense techniques by Mr. Rahul Bhasin from Endzone Karate & Self Defense training Institute. This next session of the day stressed on “Solid Waste Management” taken by environmentalist, Mrs. Harleen Kaur. It also involved a session on “Save Our Environment” in which various current environmental issues like global warming, climate change & green house effect were highlighted.

The third day focused on Conventional & Non-conventional careers taken by Mr. Jatin Chawla, renowned career counselor. In the next half, Dr. Vandana Tandon took a session on “Dealing with Adolescence Issues”. She interacted with students and discussed various adolescence issues and also discussed ways to deal with them. On the same day, a group of children from Salaam Balak Trust visited the school. The children interacted with our school students and later on regaled the audiences with a play based on drug abuse and child labor.

On the fourth day, students were taken to Lodhi Garden for rejuvenating session on “Reflecting Self through Colors”.

On the fifth day, students enjoyed the session on “Indian way of life- Yoga” conducted by school yoga expert Mr. D. P. Singh who advised them to practice yoga regularly to stay fit & de-stress. It was followed by a movie “I am Kalam” shown by Smile Foundation, New Delhi.

On the sixth day, students attended a session on “Child Rights” organized by Cry Foundation. They had a second round of session on Career Counseling by career counselor, Mr. Pranay Suri. Besides this, students interacted with Mr. Nikunj, expert from Hriday Shaan on “Drug Epidemic”. The day ended with a dynamic session by Prof. N.N.Pillai, Principal, S.P. College, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, on “Time Management”. Students discussed various time management techniques with him.

The last day of the camp was kept exclusively for parents of Class XI students. Parents attended sessions on Conventional and Non-Conventional Careers taken by Ms. Pooja Dawar and Mr. Pranay Suri. They also attended session on “Overseas Education” taken by an expert from SIEC. The fourth session of the day was taken by Dr. Vandana Tandon on adolescence issues followed by a session on “Handling Teenagers” taken by N.N.Pillai, Principal, S.P. College, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

The camp was organized and coordinated by Neeraj Chibber and Dr. Jyoti Dev Rishi (school counselor) under the tutelage of the school Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Anju Tandon and Vice-Principal, Mrs. Vibha Kohli. The best volunteer award was bagged by Anushrav Vatsa and Ankit Anurag of class XI.


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