Solid Waste Management

British Council International School Award Project : Solid Waste Management

As an integral part of the ongoing activities for the British Council International School Award our school took up the project on solid waste management. The project aims at studying and familiarizing the students with the crucial issue of solid waste management and its effects and impact on environment, globally.  

Three activities formed part of this project.

  1. Student’s visit to Okhla Solid Waste Management Plant. They learnt how city waste is collected, classified and treated. They understood the methods adopted by MCD to manage waste of the city.
  2. A professional in the field, Ms. Harleen Kaur delivered a talk to students on the topic, explaining the effects of Solid Waste and ways to counter the problem. She explained the concept of the 3R’s – Reduce , Reuse and Recycle – to the students.
  3. The third activity was a ‘Project’ prepared by class XII Geography students who studied Solid Waste Management methods adopted in countries like India, Singapore, UK and USA. The external examiner appreciated greatly the in-depth duty undertaken by the students in their project.  

The project hoped to make aware and sensitize students towards developing an eco-friendly sensibility and help them evolve into responsible future citizen of the globe.